Something about life.

As I was looking for the “The Butterfly Circus” videos to put them up here (can be found in the category “some inspiration”), I found this:

I think he delivers a great example of how to find a kind of balance between independency, and accepting necessary help while staying self-confident.

This is also one of the lessons I had to learn when I was in Africa during the summer – suddenly there were so many things I couldn’t know, that I couldn’t do on my own … for example it was hard for me to accept that I wasn’t able to go around on my own in Nairobi (crazy traffic! I had no clue how to go from A to B, so I wouldn’t have found a hostel or even how to go to the airport by public transportation.)

I’m still fighting against insomnia and lack of concentration. But my photography seems to get back on track, I’m hoping for an end of the phase where I hadn’t been content with any of my pictures. Some new stuff (and some impressions from Kenya) can be found in my deviantART gallery.

Recently I got myself my first tripod ever. A very tiny and pretty flexible one. It even fits into a handbag. No need for big gear when all I have is an ordinary digital camera, but it’s really cool to have something to stabilize the camera when taking pictures without flash under bad light conditions!

It started to snow this morning.


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