Some time ago I came across some blog entries and pages about a simpler lifestyle with less possessions and all of this, like,0

Today, a facebook friend of mine postet some entries from this blog: and they really appealed to me because of some annoying facts in my life.

Fact #1: I’m a clutterer.

Fact #2: I move about once per year (this is the average of the nearly 4 years since I left home, and counting). Moving is expensive, apartment space is expensive. Plus, it looks like I’ll be living in a two-person-household from next year on, with another clutterer.

Fact #3: I get distracted by stuff.

Fact #4: I rarely can say “no” to free stuff, and I don’t dare to throw away tiny, ugly presents (like this weird crystal bling-bling squirrel).

But as I love books, don’t want to throw away my fat binders of university papers and don’t want to give up my art supplies, I decided on making a list of what can stay and what will have to go.

To stay (mostly):

– Clothes. I don’t buy lots of new clothes, I wear most of them until they fall apart or don’t fit my overall style anymore. They all fit into one big cardboard box, minus the heavy winter coats and my shoes. Weather can be really wet and cold here, so I guess some extra outfits and shoes for changing after rain/snow/mud are okay. What I don’t wear for ages goes to a clothes depot, and I’m keeping some shirts that I want to change once I get a sewing machine.

– Books. I love books, I love buying used books I’ve read before and want to own because I’ll read them again and again. I exchange books with friends for reading. Maybe I should get rid of the ones I got for free or some cents, but never finished (or even started) because of dislike. I thought of buying an e-book reader, but a) I already own so many of my favourite books, buying them again would be expensive, and b) it would make exchange with friends more difficult. Plus, books are super useful for spontaneous makeshift laptop tables or for pressing flowers.

– CDs and the like. I buy mostly music I already heard and want to enjoy on a regular base. I only bought a handful of second-hand DVDs so far. To get rid of: Maybe the five or so CDs from my early teenage years. Who on earth listens to “No Angels” anymore? Then again, they are so few and the first CDs I bought ever. I won’t throw away my tapes, I dare you!

– Scripts from university, and a few of my school exercise books, because as a linguist and general lover of written things they are precious to me. Plus, they are knowledge. Not to waste.

– Technology. I don’t own a TV, not even a big desktop computer at the moment. I guess a notebook plus a netbook are okay. Cables and adapters are only existent because they are needed for my cell phone and my point-and-shoot cameras to work. The portable radio/CD-player is already smaller than a whole stereo, don’t you think?

– Dishes. I own a bit more than I need at the moment, yes, but why should I buy new ones in a few years? Or paper plates/plastic mugs whenever guests come over?

– Art supplies. I need my hobby. But I’ll invest in one or two really big plastic boxes to replace the heap of shoe boxes and bags.

– Art works that can be hung to walls or can hold flowers/candles, and decoration objects with real sentimental value.

To go:

– One or two of my chunky, insanely heavy old cooking pots. Maybe more. Depends on the money for more versatile and lighter ones to replace the whole bunch.

– Random clutter, like stupid advertising gifts and bottles of dried nail polish. Papers I never look at. Containers from sweets have to go if not usable for storing things.

– Dead pot plants.

– Weird souvenirs/reminders/memories, like the empty bottle of my first bought mixed coffee drink. Already got rid of the coffee-to-go mugs the last time I moved. Seriously, trash.

– Shoe boxes and their companions when falling apart.

– … more to follow …

To invest in:

– The aforementioned  sewing machine. I’m collecting heaps of fabric and not doing anything with them at the moment as my hands are hurting when holding a needle for more than a few minutes.

– Plastic boxes, maybe even ones with drawers. Anything big, safely stackable and USEFUL. And fitting for the different sizes of art supplies and cables.

– A magnetic whiteboard (huge one!) when I move to a more permanent place, so maybe somewhen next year. Have been dreaming of one next to my desk for a long time. Goodbye to tiny notes for quick reminders or  ideas to keep in mind till used and yet fluttering around for months.

I will try to start this project in summer, after my final exams. Before I move again and begin the postgraduate course plus tutoring for new students. But all in all there isn’t that much to get rid of except for the randomness-mess  around, as it seems. Bleeh.

Oh, and my big wardrobe is rotting. As in, seriously mouldy. My landlady wasn’t very pleased about the news of a very very wet wall. One thing less to move around, on the bright site … so most clothes are alrady in their big cardboard box.

Now I have been writing and thinking about this for over an hour instead of working on my thesis. I’m officially insane I guess.


note – the blog is not dead

This blog isn’t dead yet, some ideas are still sitting around. I’ve just been pretty busy. Three weeks left until I’ll have to hand in the thesis for my first university degree, which means about two and a half weeks left for writing, maximum. After that two exams to pass and a shorter paper to write, and everything will be over by the middle of August, I hope.
So there is a chance it will be a good summer! I’ll find myself a new job for a few hours/days a week, go on some weekend trips – one for meeting fellow ex-volounteers and some missionary kids from the place I spent my gap year at, I’m really excited about this, it will be a great time <3
And if everything goes well, I’ll be a post-graduate student by October. General linguistics, specializing in language and cognition.
Now any random person coming across this blog will know what this writer is up to when not writing philosophic poetry, and what kind of weird stuff to expect. Oh, by the way, I got back on track with photography, for the first time in months I am content with some of the pictures. Check it out if you like:
Cheers! [tʃiːɹz]