note – the blog is not dead

This blog isn’t dead yet, some ideas are still sitting around. I’ve just been pretty busy. Three weeks left until I’ll have to hand in the thesis for my first university degree, which means about two and a half weeks left for writing, maximum. After that two exams to pass and a shorter paper to write, and everything will be over by the middle of August, I hope.
So there is a chance it will be a good summer! I’ll find myself a new job for a few hours/days a week, go on some weekend trips – one for meeting fellow ex-volounteers and some missionary kids from the place I spent my gap year at, I’m really excited about this, it will be a great time <3
And if everything goes well, I’ll be a post-graduate student by October. General linguistics, specializing in language and cognition.
Now any random person coming across this blog will know what this writer is up to when not writing philosophic poetry, and what kind of weird stuff to expect. Oh, by the way, I got back on track with photography, for the first time in months I am content with some of the pictures. Check it out if you like:
Cheers! [tʃiːɹz]