paper overflow error …

I’ve spent the last two days (or at least some hours of them) going trough the stacks of loose paper, putting the needed stuff into the already existing fat ring binders for university and insurance/money/document related papers.

Some not-yet-sorted papers are now going into one additional folder, and I’m a little bit proud I managed to fill a laundry-basked with paper not needed anymore and take it for a walk to the paper bank! The one “messy” binder is a temporary measure to keep the loose paper in ONE place instead of ten, and I hope I’ll find the will to put its contents bit by bit in the sorted binders. I know I could scan all the paper and keep only these digital versions, but first, I have a hard time studying without real paper in front of me, and second, though being kind of a geek, I just don’t trust electric devices. They fall down, they break. They fall into water – not usable anymore (while a book/laser-printed paper is still more or less readable). The zombies come and eat our power plants – no chance to access anything. (Wait, I don’t believe in zombies. But there are enough things to think of which could cause a days-long power outtage.) These are also some of the reasons why I’m not yet ready to switch to an e-book reader. The other main reason is the fact that I don’t want to re-buy or manually scan all of my books (and I want to be able to lend my books to people without an e-book reader or not that computer-loving, like my mum).
I hope to get rid of more and more unnecessary paper and just keep the important binders! At the moment my bed (ahem, matress – not owning a real bed) is covered in sheets of paper around the “messy” binder. So I’ll have to finish the last big stack before I go to sleep in two hours!


Oh, and I bought a small, hand-held vacuum cleaner today! Kind of a downgrade from the big, bulky one (which will go to the recycling center when I move to my new apartment). And it doesn’t use dirt-bags, but is simply emptied over a trash can, which makes it a little more green and a little less expensive. The only problem now is the question, how long does it take until a spider inside of the dirt container of the vacuum cleaner dies? I’m scared of spiders and totally freeze if they come too close to me, so taking the filter off the container while there is a chance the spider still is able to walk from the plastik onto my hand is absolutely no option. Yikes. And the filter isn’t strong enough to withstand sharp pieces. Bad luck, as there are pieces of broken glass on my floor every now and then. But I think I’m crafty enough to find a solution for a pre-filter somehow!

Lots of paper to throw away, so good night for now!


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