no shampoo and other crazy things – day 1

hey there, first of all – my keyboard is behaving badly at the moment, so I’ll stick to lower case letters most of the time, as I have to use the caps lock key to get some of the upper case letters and punctuation marks to work, which is annoying when writing pretty fast. So you better get prepared for random lower case beginnings of sentences for the while being^^

Now, it seems to be a new trend to toss out the shampoo and use baking soda and the likes instead. As I am trying to become a little bit more eco-friendly and sustainable, I decided to try it from today on for a week or two.

So this is day one …

I was a little helpless concerning the mixture, and it was a crazy lot of foam and bubbles and it looked pretty scary, especially because it looked like some alien stuff growing and growing. Later I found out it was a mistake to try making a paste, so from tomorrow on it will be a liquid.

Next problem – I am living in germany (so you finally know where my weird english grammer has its origin) and the baking soda they sell here normally comes in little 2-tablespoon-bags premixed with … wheat starch. yeehaaa. I decided to give it a try, because I thought the starch might give my curls more strength. Not such a bad idea I still think, but I’ll have to wait for some days until I’ll know for sure. I might switch to “Kaiser’s Natron” after a while, which is pure baking soda, to be found in drugstores and some better grocery stores. I added a drop of tea-tree oil as well.

Result – I got the crazy curls! not so bad, I just have to find out how to get them into shape before it is too late, although this might be the doing of the starch. We’ll see. The hair feels a bit stickier than usual after washing, but it’s not too bad.

I hope that not having been a keen user of conditioner before will help with the transition, and the fact that I already switched to a natural shampoo without petro-chemical-stuff some months ago might come in handy as well.

If you want to know more, I recommand you reading this blog


I also tried making my own deodorant, but I didn’t follow the recipe I found, so the first try endet in a lot of … baking-soda-foam! I mixed my usual body-lotion with a bid of tea-tree oil and essential lemongrass oil, which turned out okay, but then I added the baking soda, and had to dump the whole mess. Ick. So for now it is boilt water with some drops of each of the oils in a small spray-flask. Too lazy and stingy to go shopping for pure shea butter and cocoa butter, I didn’t find them in the shops I passed through today. I guess the pharmacy is a possible place to ask for it, but they are so pricy all the time, eeeeks. And my microwave is a mystery, so no heating butter until I move to my new place (as my fellow student going to africa will leave her stuff in the apartment, I’ll be able to use her kitchen machines).
I should be sorting out the paperwork still lurking on my desk in wobbly piles right now, and there is other stuff to throw out. maybe I won’t be a real minimalist ever, but I feel how decluttering bit by bit really helps to free the soul as well, and empty space on the floor is precious in small places. makes me more calm to see the clear outlines of furniture and some random boxes (moving soon, hint hint) instead of chaos all around.
Back to this work now, but not without a random piece of wisdom from last night –

If I lived in a way I had nothing to hide from other people, I would have much more peace of mind, as there would no energy be needed to hide, to overplay, to pretend. maybe that should be my way of minimalism – not pretending, not struggling with keeping up a facede. and of course keeping my aparment in a state I don’t have to be ashamed of when people come over, no more wild hassle of cleaning minutes before anybody arrives, but always being more or less prepared to let someone have a peek!



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