no shampoo and other crazy things – day 2

well, in reality it’s the first real shampoo-free day, because I usually wash my hair just every other day. I’m a bit annoyed about the stickyness after washing with baking powder, so from tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow) on it will be pure baking soda. but the hair is neither smelly or oily nor totally tangled yet, just a bit …. harder?

today we had a really beautiful morning, so I spent some time outside, at the park. yay. I love late summer!!

but the shared washing mashine in our house is being uncooperative, I guess the coin-slot-container (I have no real name for it) is full … so another couple of days to wait until the beginning of the next month. le sigh. I decided to wash the most important stuff by hand. I desperately need clean socks and the likes, and the smokey smelling clothes from last weekends campfire (was on a church weekend trip) still were lurking in my clothes box. washing everything by hand reminded me of great moments in africa, but washing sweaters and jeans by hand still is difficult!

Oh, I really really want to throw out more stuff, but I still don’t know how.

And this day’s beautiful morning kicked me in the ass to get myself to search for ideas for jobs. Still no clue what I want in this world beside being happy …


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