no shampoo – week 2

hey there, so this is another short update about my little “experiment”.

my hair got used to the baking soda very, very quickly, and on day 6 (after not washing it at all on day 5) when my hair was a sweaty, greasy mess I was close to giving up – but after a thorough massage with a thick paste of baking soda and a second round with a more liquid mix it was fine again!

and I found a great mixture for the final rinsing – water, a bit of concentrated vinegar, and two drops each of tea tree oil and essential lemongrass oil. it’s enough for two or three rinses, and it makes the hair soft and smells really okay :)

yesterday I bought some natural hair dye, because I’ve wanted to try a light brown instead of red for quite a while, and the last round of henna was two years ago.

result: hair doesn’t look much different than before (as intended), just a little bit darker and more brown than my natural ashy-blond-brown-greyish. and I’m pretty pleased that the slight reddish-golden shimmer of my hair is still showing. that’s one more reason to love the natural stuff – it kind of interacts with one’s natural hair colour. maybe I’ll try a darker brown next time, or throw in some chestnut or walnut coloured dye, because the light brown still isn’t as warm and rich as I had hoped.

I feel a bit bad about spending money on hair products I don’t necessarily need while in other parts of the world people are dying from hunger … but then I tried to calculate how much money an average woman spends on her hair annually. well, with maybe two or three haircuts and maybe one coloration each year it sums up to at least twice or thrice the amount I spend for a box of natural hair dye every other year, and I trim the ends of my hair myself (a good pair of scissors and a simple, fine comb are a good investion, and they can be used for years!) so my long hair is a not so expensive thing, except for the lots of water I need for washing of course.

tell me, how many haircuts and/or colorations do you do each year?



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