just two weeks until moving

At the moment I’m trying to pack as much of my stuff as possible into four or five cardboard boxes, all while still living in the one room big enough to stack them. Moving out of a tiny apartment is somewhat crazy without proper planning and too much … stuff.

I know I have to get rid of things, but what about all my notes from university? I WILL need them during the next semesters, I’m pretty sure. I guess whenever I’ll find some time during the next months, I’ll start to type one folder after another into my computer, and print out the results. This way I’ll still have real paper to flip through and all, but it will take up just a quarter of the original space, because most of the time I don’t use up all the space on the pages when writing by hand, and there are so many things crossed out, double entries, you know what I mean.

But I finally started to get rid of some clothes. I already took some to an African store nearby, because I know the owners and they collect old, but wearable clothes for poor people in Ghana or so. I know that I should get rid of these long-sleeved shirts riding up all the time, I have grown a little since I got them a few years ago (a few means five or six) and my old landlady put them in the dryer once and they shrank a bit, eeks. But I love the brown and black shirts …

… and that’s the problem: We love objects (and use people) instead of using objects (and loving people).

So after the next round of washing – at the moment someone else has their clothes in the washing mashine and doesn’t feel like taking them out, I don’t like the weird people in this house! – I’ll say bye-bye to the brown shirt, and will at least think about the black ones and wear them at least once this autumn to check out whether I still feel comfortable in them. And I have to admit to myself, that my style changed a bit. I went from layering t-shirts over long sleeved shirts to shirts plus button down shirts, because it’s easier this way to put on and off a layer during the day, and it looks a little more grown up while still being comfortable ;)

Another problem on my list: books I never read! I’m a book collecting maniac, especially if they are for free or very cheap. When putting all the not-going-to-be-needed-soon books into a box to go into storage/the cellar, I found some old christian books I never found the will to read, as well as the German and English classics by Goethe, Schiller and Shakespeare. First category: I will flip through them and decide whether they are worth my time, second category: I’ll keep them, even though they stem from my “fantasy self”, they might be useful for university or just for ordinary reading purposes, as I still want to educate myself a little further!

Luckily I won’t have to move in one day like the last times, but will be able to carry stuff from apartment A to apartment B over the time of a whole week. Which means I don’t have to hire someone with a van, just my darling who promised to find a big car for us to use. I still don’t believe the furniture can be transported in an ordinary car (big cupboard!), but that’s his job now, as he told me.

So, back to the battlefield now!



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