a random wishlist

Some things I’m saving or hoping for in the coming months despite overally trying to reduce my stuff …

– a trip to Zanzibar – I will go by mid February 2013 *yay*

– sewing machine

– Claddagh ring <3

– a long summer dress in petrol or off-white for the civil ceremony

– beanie with cat ears =^.^=

– big desk with book shelves

– bean bag chair

– Savarez strings – special strings for concert guitar I want to try (my mom said she’ll find some for me, but seems it is impossible to buy them in a store)

– the CD “Óró – a live session” and maybe also “Heartstrings” by Moya Brennan (the first one is nearly impossible to find over here)

recently fulfilled wishes:

– new Thinkpad (a friend of mine upgraded to a newer laptop, so he offered me his “old” one – which is newer than my well loved but broken T41)

– new apartment for rent: we got an affordable one with 3 rooms, Darling and I will be able to move in very soon :)

– the new CD by the a capella band “Wise guys” (bought it at the concert we went to)


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