Need to slow down …

I’ve been absent for a while as my life is pretty full at the moment with a lot of classes at university (I added ten hours per week just because I want to do computer linguistics in addition to general linguistics, plus some hours of English class) and wedding preparations getting serious … and being sick with a cold for weeks and weeks because of the stress. New apartment? Cosy but still messy. Did I mention wedding plans? And that my doctor wants me to slow down and get rid off the stress in my live to get healthy again?

I can’t believe that in just over one month from now I’ll have a new surname! And in September we’ll have the church ceremony and big celebration. Dress is chosen, but finding matching jewellery that I really like is hard. I’m sitting on the sofa with the crème-white shoes on instead of breaking them in, and I’m not even doing my homework.

So what do I do in my free time? Uh, ripping off the heads of plastic ponies and playing with acetone and acrylic colours. Seriously. If you have not clue what I’m talking about – search for “custom MLP” and you’ll get an idea. It also is like art therapy. Good for my nerves because I have to sit down and take it slow if I want to get a good result. Apart from that I feed the washing machine, try to make smoothies myself, snatch darling’s mobile phone to play “lazors”, read blogs, or dabble in the art of home made cosmetics. As in putting cornstarch on my face and calling it face powder, or mixing it with baking soda and essential oil, and conducting self-experiments on the mixture’s deodorising properties. I’ll write more on that another day.

Random weird fact: there’s a potato plant growing on our kitchen window sill. Rapidly growing. (Found three actively germinating potatoes in the storage cupboard and had an empty popcorn bucket and some potting soil at hand … so I decided to plant the biggest potato just for fun and a potential mini-harvest.)


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