flea market findings


What to do on a sunny Saturday? Going to the flea market!

For 17€ I brought home:

– two wooden fruit boxes (I want more but they are pretty expensive at the moment and I was lucky to get these two for way less money than most vendors want.) Now they serve as a small bookshelf in the living room.

– white basket with linen which I intend to use in our closet for socks or shawls or whatever

– white, slightly rusty fruit bowl made from wire – I had been looking for one for some days because our fruits had started to mould because of a lack of air circulation beneath them …

– muffin baking tray (I hadn’t seen it but darling had while we walked separately and he remembered I had talked about wanting one. So we walked back through the crowd to the stand where he had seen it while carrying the two boxes and other stuff.)

– metal bowl … random but might be useful!

– two small white metal lanterns (part of my plan for our wedding decoration)

I didn’t find good linen sheets. Hopefully another day. Happy hunting ;)