Names and Plants

Didn’t want to mix this with the previous poetry post, so two posts today.

Last Friday darling and me got married in town hall. We had awesome weather and a lot of fun with friends and family. Looking forward to the “real” wedding in church in September! (In Germany you have to get married in town hall before you are allowed to have the church ceremony. Most people chose to have the church wedding the same day or the day after the civil ceremony, but like some of our friends we decided to split it up a little time wise. And I really like late summer.) My last name has changed and I’m still not used to using it, neither am I used to referring to darling as my husband rather than my boyfriend/fiancé. And the lecturers at university still don’t have a clue because I didn’t feel like creating a name related chaos yet. It’s on my to-do list for when I’ll get my new ID card in a few week and take the news to the main office to have the name changed in the campus wide online system :D

So, life is changing a lot. University not so much.

But my plants are growing. Plants as in vegetables. On the kitchen and bathroom window sills. Remember the potato I mentioned a while ago? The green part is still growing. And next to it I have pots full of tiny radish, carrot, and lettuce seedlings. Also cress of course, and some tiny bits of a chilli plant are showing. The in-laws brought some herbs, which are now living in the study (because there is no more space at the kitchen window).


What do you think?

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