My current idee fixe is leather. Sorry to all the vegans out there ;)

Purses made from synthetic leather keep breaking, chipping, and becoming ugly because I stuff heavy things inside (aka university related paper and my waterbottle). Last winter I bought a pair of really cool boots … ok, not really imitating leather, but made in a style which could look really cool in leather, too. Guess what, after wearing them for half a winter and one pretty cold spring season, they are leaky and have cracks and are coming apart already – despite using waterproofing agent. Oh, and my wallet – made of synthetic fabric whatever stuff and cardboard and glue – is coming apart, too. After maybe five or six years. Gee.

So I decided to give the good old leather a try. I got myself a small purse from a second-hand shop because I needed something small and decent for the upcoming weekend trip including a wedding party. It’s not actually second-hand but flawed stuff that wouldn’t get sold as easily in an ordinary shop. Close enough.

Today I finally found the kind of wallet I need, with two transparent pockets for ID and student ticket. And oh wonder, on my way home I noticed it is REAL leather, not fake as I thought. Let’s see how many good years I’ll get from this one. My prediction would be the zipper will break first! (I have an unhealthy talent to destroy zippers on all kinds of bags.)

Next up: sturdy but beautiful (and comfortable!) leather boots. I’ll save some money and go hunting in fall, because at the moment there is no big chance to get nice ones.

I’m trying to simplify my life, and buying sturdy quality products (and only one of each item if possible) instead of the annual cheap crap is part of my plan from now on. In addition I prefer traditional materials over synthetic ones each time of the day. At home we now store vegetables, cheese, etc. in glass containers we washed after eating the original contents. Self-made smoothie is taken to university in a small glass bottle, too. In addition I ordered a stainless steel water bottle today as an replacement for the hard plastic bottles. And I’m considering stainless steel straws, but as I’m not a regular user of straws this idea is on hold.

Summary: Although leather means killed animals (yupp, but so does my odd meat containing meal about twice a week), in my opinion it is better than synthetic materials, as it is more waterproof and can last generations. It doesn’t involve mineral oil. Of course I could use a fabric purse, but tell that to the rainy weather close to the northern coast of Europe! And as it was once part of a living being one should handle it with the proper care and not toss it just because it is out of fashion. And the main pro of leather boots (and purses): you can find a local shoemaker to get them fixed in case of broken soles, ripped off handles etc! Glass and stainless steel are slightly more expensive than plastic, but it will last longer if you care for it well, it doesn’t release as many toxins, and doesn’t contain as much mineral oil related ingredients if any. And it doesn’t give food/drinks this weird … plastic taste. And is easier to clean, in my opinion.

Any thoughts?


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