Favourite Friday: Books and Ice Cream

Hi everyone,

summer is here, finally! What do we need? A good read! And ice cream. Because today was the last day of lectures in this term, now two months of term papers are lying ahead of me, but hey, I can write them in the morning (or at night) and spend the rest of my time crafting and reading … and planning the church wedding. Two months to go, and I haven’t ordered the cake yet.

Favourite books: The Threefold Garland – a young nun comes back home to be with her parents during the last stages of her mother’s terminal illness. Together with them she relives memories of family trips around the world, and their experiences as Polish people in their chosen home country. A meditation on living while dying, including beautiful and sometimes even comical moments, while being gentle but honest about the harsh reality of mind and body becoming disconnected slowly and painfully.  Another thing making this book lovely are the quotes from different languages – Latin liturgies, Italian words and French musings, … no need to understand every single world, you just the need to be open to the whole atmosphere and some poetry.

Other favourite books include Brave New World, The other Side of the Rainbow (autobiography of my favourite Irish singer, Moya Brennan), and currently the last chapters of Walden – Life in the Woods are waiting for me. This last book is quite interesting, by and about a minimalist who lived a long time ago and decided he was sick of consumerism and society, and moved into a tiny house in the woods. Sadly I only own a German translation.

I think I’ll need to do a second round of favourite books another day.

Favourite flavours of ice cream: Vanilla, classic and versatile, goes with about every kind of topping! Peppermint and chocolate, in combination they taste like After Eight (these fancy thin pieces of chocolate filled with minty stuff, no clue whether they are known overseas) – way more than the ready mixed After Eight ice cream does. Occasionally I also like fruity flavours like strawberry, lemon, and chestnut, and if available of course the candy bar flavoured ones. I can’t digest a lot of dairy products, so frozen juice is also great, and today I tried the first of the smoothie popsicles I came up with yesterday :)


What do you think?

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