a few days of summer

Thursday to Saturday we had warm and sunny days, and it was really nice to take off the jacket and just soak in the warmth! Friday I took some photos in the park (alas, I only had my old point and shoot camera with me, but some turned out okay), and today I got around to put them up on my photo-blog: http://starfishskiesphotography.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/summer-blessings/

When I goP1270080t home I tried the first self made smoothie popsicle, yummy!

(And yes, that’s a tea spoon. I had no other substitute for a popsicle stick that would have been short enough to fit into the tiny freezer compartment  within our fridge.)

Saturday I found a big woven basket for a really low price at the flea market – I had been searching for one for some weeks, because 1) I like natural stuff, and woven baskets add to a cozy atmosphere, 2) a big basket is great for storing the extra blanket (used for cold nights, or on the sofa when relaxing) and the seat cushion not occuppying a chair anymore (but rather used on the floor or the stool). After walking around in the heat from approximately 1 to 2 pm I was pretty tired and dizzy, but it was a good idea to spend time outside, because today it was cold and jacket demanding weather again. Hopefully we’ll get more sunshine next week!

Wedding countdown: Today in two months!


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