wedding preparations: many phone calls and the wrong ribbons …

Less than two months until the big day … today I finally made the phone calls for beverages, hairdresser, and flowers for the church, and in between I went to another florist to talk about the prices for a package of bouquet, table and car decoration, head piece, and all of this. Happy to say we’re still well in our budget.

In the morning I bought food for the youth group barbecue this evening, and afterwards I wandered around in the mall for at least 15 minutes, waiting for the craft store to open – and then I bought the wrong organza ribbons. Which I noticed about 5 minutes ago. The thing is, we need to send out 4 more invitation cards, and somehow we lost the ribbons we already owned after putting together all the other cards over a month ago. It’s the same colour and all – but the new ribbons are broader, so I don’t know if I should use them or walk back to the mall. Le sigh. Did I mention we’re planning to spend the weekend out of town? Summertime in the countryside.

Desperately needed: cheap and romantic (not too cute) decoration ideas, especially for name tags …


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