trashing habits …

Today I noticed how deeply ingrained the habit to just throw away can be.

Last weekend after visiting Darling’s family we brought home their old popsicle molds. I filled them with smoothie and juice, and today I ate the last one. Then I went back into the kitchen to take care of the progress of the iced tea – and caught myself nearly chucking the reusable popsicle stick in the trash can! My mind was already busy with the thought of removing the teabags and putting them in the bin. I don’t use loose tea at the moment. But it shocked me a little how easily we get used to throwing away everything after just one use. We should trash some of our habits on trashing.

I like reusable items like popsicle or ice-cube molds, and repurposing things, e.g. using jam or sauce jars for storing kitchen supplies or even flash drives.

And I enjoy the fact that we have a somewhat decent recycling system in our country. There is a deposit on most bottles and nearly all soda/beer cans. In addition we have separate containers for waste paper (either collected at home, or you have to take it to a bigger public container some streets away, but at least within walking distance in bigger cities), there are public containers for glass bottles/jars without deposit, and many households have garbage cans for metal and plastic, so these materials can be recycled without trouble. While most households in my smaller home town have an additional garbage can for food waste / green waste this seems to be less common where I live now. I really should ask our apartment’s landlords (aka church people responsible for the house) if there is a chance to revive the compost stack in our small backyard. Or get an indoor worm compost box. Do compost worms eat teabags?


What do you think?

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