Favourite Friday: Bands/Singers

Good morning guys and gals, today you’ll hear about my …

Favourite Bands/Singers: The Corrs, an Irish pop-band. I think I like their unplugged concert the most (you can watch it on youtube, hehe). To go on with the Irish ones … Moya Brennan (early records published under the original form of her given name, Máire), a great singer with a broad range of different songs. Fiddler’s Green, a German band that plays Celtic folk with a touch of rock/metal, and does nice covers of old Irish songs as well as original songs. Celtic Woman do some great covers of (mostly Irish) songs as well. Recently I discovered Julie Fowlis, who sings part of the songs on the soundtrack from Brave, but I don’t know many songs by her. Then there are the Wise Guys, a German vocal ensemble. They have some really funny songs, some deeper ones, and some are somewhere in between, mocking society (or simply ordinary life). I can recommend them to anyone out there who wants to practise their German, and I heard that their songs are used in some schools for class! Plus, they like to make funny faces/gestures. Death Cab for Cutie are pretty cool as well, but not on the top of my list anymore because some of their songs have a somewhat negative undertone or weird background noise. I love Roxette. Wrong generation, I know. A bunch of their songs make for a great autumn/winter soundtrack. (Yeah, I sort a lot of musicians by season … can anyone guess which season some of the other ones listed here belong to in my head?) Some Bands I need to listen to more often again: Allee der Kosmonauten (German Christan … indie-rock?), HB (Finnish metal), …

Most of the time I like songs without knowing or liking the singer’s/band’s other work. Especially when it comes to rock, modern pop, and country. Maybe I should write about favourite songs and albums another week!



Favourite Friday: Offline Games

Hi everybody, welcome back :D

I’ve been sick with a nasty cold last week and was sleepy most of the weekend, so I didn’t feel like posting. Today some ordinary stuff:

Favourite Games to play (without any electricity needed): Bananagrams. A friend of mine brought me one back from the US some years ago after I enjoyed playing it with their friends. Just awesome, and it’s a fun way to learn vocabulary as well. Nobody is Perfect I won this board game as a kid at a fair as a prize, and loved to play it with my family ( but I don’t really like the newest edition, which I recently played at the in-laws’ home). It’s all about guessing the meaning of foreign words and stuff. Settlers of Catan ist pretty cool as well if you don’t play it too often.  Some years ago I tried to learn chess and I’m not very good at it yet, but still I would like to play it more often. Then there is a German card game called “Elfer raus!” (“elevens out!”), which, according to Wikipedia, is similar to a game called “Sevens”, but is played with a special deck of eighty cards with numbers one to twenty. We played it at home a lot on rainy Sundays. Generally I enjoy games where you have to know a lot of random facts and weird words to win, because they are a bit of challenge, a bit of fun, and a bit of learning new things. Games have to be either competitive (but not too hectic) or really really nice, because otherwise I’d get bored quickly.

Favourite Friday: Summer and the Internet

Favourite things about Summer: Not feeling cold all the time. Not needing to wear or carry around an uncomfortably bulky anorak. Sunshine – it lifts my mood so much! Leaving the windows of our apartment open day and night, which makes me feel more connected to the world around and nature in general. Talking walks through fields turning golden. Eating lots of berries in the in-laws’ garden. Long hours of light. Thunderstorms and heavy rain after days and days of sweltering heat. Sitting outside with friends until it is dark, having a barbecue or just talking and enjoying the warm night. Watching clouds and stars. Hoping for fireflies (sadly, I haven’t seen any in ages). Beach walks.

Favourite things about the Internet: I learn about 3 new words each day. Seriously. I read so many English blogs and websites and online books, that by the end of the day I’m able to recognise more words than before, and some of them will even be ready to use. In addition the internet makes it easier for me to buy things which are either completely unavailable here (e.g. witch hazel extract ready to use, or rooting needles) or only in insanely expensive special shops. I also enjoy reading free books, listening to music, and watching old, old tv-programmes. And I also use it instead of a TV set, because I can watch most programmes from my favourite channel (they have a lot of science, documentations, and culture/art related shows) online for a week after the original broadcasting. Not to mention keeping in contact with people around the world without worrying about how much a letter or a text message to Africa will cost me.