Favourite Friday: Summer and the Internet

Favourite things about Summer: Not feeling cold all the time. Not needing to wear or carry around an uncomfortably bulky anorak. Sunshine – it lifts my mood so much! Leaving the windows of our apartment open day and night, which makes me feel more connected to the world around and nature in general. Talking walks through fields turning golden. Eating lots of berries in the in-laws’ garden. Long hours of light. Thunderstorms and heavy rain after days and days of sweltering heat. Sitting outside with friends until it is dark, having a barbecue or just talking and enjoying the warm night. Watching clouds and stars. Hoping for fireflies (sadly, I haven’t seen any in ages). Beach walks.

Favourite things about the Internet: I learn about 3 new words each day. Seriously. I read so many English blogs and websites and online books, that by the end of the day I’m able to recognise more words than before, and some of them will even be ready to use. In addition the internet makes it easier for me to buy things which are either completely unavailable here (e.g. witch hazel extract ready to use, or rooting needles) or only in insanely expensive special shops. I also enjoy reading free books, listening to music, and watching old, old tv-programmes. And I also use it instead of a TV set, because I can watch most programmes from my favourite channel (they have a lot of science, documentations, and culture/art related shows) online for a week after the original broadcasting. Not to mention keeping in contact with people around the world without worrying about how much a letter or a text message to Africa will cost me.

What do you think?

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