wedding dress :)

Today I spent the whole day on the road and in the big clothes store full of formal wear, together with my maid of honour and her sister. Taking the wedding dress (I had ordered it last time we were in the store) on and off again, while the seamstresses tried to make it comfortable enough for me. We found a short veil, a bag, and some other stuff as well, in addition to getting said sister stuffed in an enormous and very fancy dress for fun and inspirational pictures. In the end I was really tired but glad that my own dress didn’t slip down or pinch so badly anymore, and that we could take it home. Now it’s hanging on a hanger on a random screw left by previous inhabitants of this apartment in a random wall. Because the clothes rail in our closet is way too low for this long tangle of white … stuff.

As I can’t post a picture of the dress yet you can only have one of a random snail who was discovered one morning in our bathroom some weeks ago, it must have come through the tilted window :)




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