Favourite Friday: Bands/Singers

Good morning guys and gals, today you’ll hear about my …

Favourite Bands/Singers: The Corrs, an Irish pop-band. I think I like their unplugged concert the most (you can watch it on youtube, hehe). To go on with the Irish ones … Moya Brennan (early records published under the original form of her given name, Máire), a great singer with a broad range of different songs. Fiddler’s Green, a German band that plays Celtic folk with a touch of rock/metal, and does nice covers of old Irish songs as well as original songs. Celtic Woman do some great covers of (mostly Irish) songs as well. Recently I discovered Julie Fowlis, who sings part of the songs on the soundtrack from Brave, but I don’t know many songs by her. Then there are the Wise Guys, a German vocal ensemble. They have some really funny songs, some deeper ones, and some are somewhere in between, mocking society (or simply ordinary life). I can recommend them to anyone out there who wants to practise their German, and I heard that their songs are used in some schools for class! Plus, they like to make funny faces/gestures. Death Cab for Cutie are pretty cool as well, but not on the top of my list anymore because some of their songs have a somewhat negative undertone or weird background noise. I love Roxette. Wrong generation, I know. A bunch of their songs make for a great autumn/winter soundtrack. (Yeah, I sort a lot of musicians by season … can anyone guess which season some of the other ones listed here belong to in my head?) Some Bands I need to listen to more often again: Allee der Kosmonauten (German Christan … indie-rock?), HB (Finnish metal), …

Most of the time I like songs without knowing or liking the singer’s/band’s other work. Especially when it comes to rock, modern pop, and country. Maybe I should write about favourite songs and albums another week!




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