Second-hand shop find: shoes!


Well, I never thought I’d ever post a picture of shoes, and even less of shoes bought second-hand. But here we are.

I need shoes that can double as spare shoes for our wedding celebration (don’t want to be stuck in the bridal shoes all night long) and as beach/town wear in France. I had my eyes on a pair of dark blue leather moccasins and wanted to try them on today, but on our way to the mall (had been at the florist’s earlier, normally it wouldn’t be on the way) we came by our local second-hand shop and I saw some white shoes on the “reduced” rack near the door. So I went in, saw this pair of sandals in the style I had been searching for (after I missed the end-of-summer-sale in most shops) – and in my size. They cost me 5€, a tenth of what the moccasins would have cost! (Later on I tried on the moccasins nevertheless, and they weren’t comfortable enough to shell out such a pile of money. But I had some “fun” with high-heels, which is a story for another day.)

And about the France part … we’ll spend our honeymoon (last two weeks of September) in a cozy little hotel at the Côte d’Azur :) Hopefully we’ll find a bit of sunshine there, northern Germany is dark and rainy again.


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