Favourite Friday: Accessories

I’m a rather plain dresser, because I like being able to combine my jeans and tops and shoes in many ways without standing out to much. So this calls for some …

Favourite Accessories:

Big scarves made from smoothly woven cotton. I really, really like scarves, because I feel cold at my neck about 90% of the year, because they add flair and layers to any simple outfit, and because they can be used in many different ways: worn as a simple scarf around the neck (obviously), loosely over head and shohttps://starfishskies.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/favourite-friday-accessories/ulders to protect from sun or light rain, tightly around head and neck against the cold, as a poncho or instead of a thin cardigan. Also useful for carrying additional groceries when I have forgotten to bring an additional bag. I own about 5 big scarves in different colours (three different kinds of blue, white, orange with stripes and the ends)  I wear more or less regularly, and several smaller ones are stuck somewhere in our closet but rarely used anymore.

I also have a soft spot for earrings. Together with scarves they really add something interesting to my rather plain standard wear, and over the last few years I collected about ten or fifteen pairs of cheap but beautiful earrings. But because I’m lazy (and because I don’t want them to get ripped out when hugging somewhat clumsy people, ehem … ) I mostly wear (fake) pearl studs at the moment. They are timeless, simple, and a little more dressy than fake stones. If we travel to attend some celebration I can wear them on the train, in bed, and on the occasion itself. I even bought some real pearl stud and a matching pendant for our wedding celebration (one week from now … time is flying!) and hope to get many years of wear out of them. Don’t want to kill too many seashells/oysters just to look pretty …


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