Favourite Friday: Fictional Couples

In honour of love – and the fact that Darling and I’ll get married in church tomorrow – I present to you:

My favourite fictional couples. So here’s to all the science fiction shippers and lovers of fluff :)

First of all, there’s Sam Carter and Jack O’Neill from Stargate: SG1. It may sound stupid, but most things I know about love I’ve learned from Stargate and the fanfiction around it. And maybe that’s one of the reason I didn’t end up in a ton of typical teenage relationships while in middle school. Thank you, TV. (And yes, they aren’t portrayed as a real couple most of the time, but that’s what made this show attractive for me. I don’t particularly enjoy shows totally centred around a relationship, they just don’t seem realistic enough.)

Next up: Star Treck. Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher (TNG), Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay (Voyager). I’m pretty predictable, am I? Haven’t watched these shows in ages. Better let old dreams rest.

Yeah, and Scully and Mulder, of course. I wasn’t allowed to watch The X-Files on TV as a teenager (maybe was for the better), but when I found some of the books in our local library I couldn’t be stopped from devouring them. From the beginning on it was clear to me that these two agents were meant to be. Some days ago I somehow got the idea to start watching this old show finally. So far I’m hooked, but it’s a little spooky (see what I did there?) and I’m glad I don’t have to watch it alone. Gotta love these guys. They might have inspired this post a tiny little bit …

I nearly forgot Henry and Rika (aka Jenrya and Ruki) from Digimon Tamers. Hehe. They are so cute together. At least cute enough to inspire cute fanfiction. Can you hear me fangirl? Lol.

Hm, seems I haven’t read a lot of books containing romance recently. So TV and fanfiction has to suffice for now. Oh wait. Rachel and Tobias from the Animorphs series. Still haven’t read the last five or ten volumes. The model and the hawk-boy. Good old times.

This list might be edited in the future.

Love, Starfish






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