Favourite Friday: Breakfast

Sorry for the long absence, I’m still busy figuring out where to put all the wedding gifts, looking at photos, and catching up with the laundry of three weeks. As some of you may know I really like food, so today is about …

Favourite Breakfast Foods: Bread with chocolate spread. Germany, the country of grey bread. Not that I mind the occasional white bread, but it just isn’t as filling as grey bread with rye or some whole grains. Even nicer are rolls and croissants, with some kind of spread or just butter. A rare treat is toasted sandwich bread (we don’t own a toaster right now), and sometimes when there is time I like fried eggs. Crunchy cereals made form spelt or oat, with vanilla yoghurt and sometimes some grapes or red berries. Home made smoothies are also great. (I found the idea here and really liked it, minus the raw eggs.) Apart from that I also enjoy some nice juice – preferably mixed fruits – or hot chocolate for breakfast. I rarely drink coffee anymore. And as you can tell, I like my breakfast sweet most days.


What do you think?

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