Donum tibi do … booh!


At the moment I’m at my family’s home cleaning out things. Today I opened some old folders and came across this little stick-men comic. I must have created it during one of the years when my sister was learning Latin at school, and I guess she was playing with the “o”-sound at the end of the first phrase and saying things like “oh! boo!” (I honestly can’t remember how much of the whole idea for this comic came from her). In case you can’t read my handwriting, the last sentence is supposed to say “Donum mihi non placet!”. I have no clue whether the grammar is correct, as I never really learned Latin – unlike my younger siblings I chose French as my second foreign language.

I hope I will find more stuff like this so I can post it. It’s more fun than throwing away hoarded paper.

Update: My sister says she did the wording to memorize some vocabulary and grammar, and that she drew the first picture, then I did the rest. Teamwork.

What do you think?

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