Ramblings about horoscope humbug …

… and a self-proclaimed astrologist who couldn’t figure out my zodiac sign.

First of all, I never believed in this weird “stellar constellations influence your love-life” crap. If scientists say they have empirical evidence that people born during the winter months are more likely to become depressed, well, that’s something different. And you don’t have to be a spiritualist to be kept awake by a full moon (take away that light, I want to sleep …). I’m not yet sure how big the influence of the lunar cycle on other things is. Apart from pulling the tides of course, I take that as given fact. When I was in Tanzania, the ocean always retracted late in the morning when we finally arrived at the beach, and it didn’t come back before the afternoon. Stupid moon. I enjoy looking up to the stars and trying to find the familiar constellations of the night sky I learned to name in my childhood. Hello Orion, old hunter, you are rising so high above the horizon, is winter already coming?

When I read this post by Fish of Gold, I remembered my two closest encounters with zodiacs and horoscopes. I tried to fit them into a comment, but I feel like telling the longer version as well.

1. Back in middle school we had to invent horoscopes in religious education. I guess they wanted to show us how random and unspecific the horoscopes in newspapers are so they fit a lot of people’s lives. We had quite a blast. Though not as much as that time when we had to invent new cults.

2. About three years ago when I still lived in a shared apartment with other university students, one of them went abroad for a while. So instead of said student a lady lived with us who laid tarot cards and had a strong belief in zodiac signs. She said she could tell which sign a person had by taking their temper, personality, whatever into account.

Well, she never could figure out my zodiac although we lived under the same roof for at least two months if I can recall. And we talked quite a bit (I can be a pretty outgoing person when I feel safe and somewhat comfortable with my opposite). One day I challenged here straight out to tell me what my she believed my zodiac sign was. She said she had been thinking about this for a while already and couldn’t come to a conclusion. It seemed to confuse her quite a bit.

I couldn’t help but say something along the lines of “yeah, you know, these signs don’t apply to me cause my boss is the boss of the universe and therefore above them.”

On a psychological level I guess horoscopes and and other zodiac related things are mostly a kind of self fulfilling prophecies.

That’s why I avoid reading horoscopes and the likes most of the time. If I don’t read them I can’t be unnerved by chance resemblances to my life, nor can they influence my behaviour. I don’t tell my date or month of birth to people who want to proof how I fit the properties associated with “my” zodiac sign. If they can’t figure it out for themselves, not my fault. See above.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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