Favourite Friday: female rolemodels

Well, maybe not role-models in the strictest sense, but very inspiring in their courage and determination while still being very human.

Real-life women: Marie Curie. Amelia Earhart. Helen Keller. And maybe the two ladies I got to know in Person who took a difficult three-day trip on foot to find an ethnic group and study their language. I should include some great politicians or a suffragette … whatever. Malala Yousafzai is a really strong and inspirational girl.

Fictional characters: Sam Carter (yeah, I’m so predictable … but she was my first true rolemodel, minus the fact she is shooting people sometimes). Emma Peel (classy kickass lady, yet funny and playful). Hm, maybe Dana Scully as well (she kicks ass despite being on the short side, plus she’ very bright and not afraid of monsters in the dark).

I like looking up to the geeky gals :)




What do you think?

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