shoe shop stories

Somehow shoe shops and me don’t go along very well. Even more so when the people working in such a place are involved …

  • Most ladies’ wear departments don’t carry a big selection of shoes in my size and style, and this winter 99% of all high-shafted boots are too narrow for my legs … too much muscle on the calves. Le sigh. Don’t women do sports apart from yoga anymore? Come on, I’m not fat. Even less so my legs. Whatever. I tend to buy at least sneakers in the men’s wear section, they fit much better (so comfortable!), are of a higher quality and don’t come in the hippest colours only.  But shopping there makes shop assistants and other customers throw weird looks in my direction. They are a bit confused about the whereabouts of my male appendix, I suppose.
  • Recently I had Darling with me on a shoe shopping spree for a change. We both wanted leather sneakers for winter, so we met up after university/work in the evening. All things fine, he bought two pairs of shoes and I bought one, we paid but then – I noticed I was missing one of my woolen socks. And not any woolen sock, I was wearing very nice ones my mother knitted for me. So we rushed through the building again and again in search of it, upset a lot of shop assistants because they wanted to close the store, and I was a mess. Finally a lady found it next to an elevator … no clue how it had ended up there! Phew. I really hate shoe shops sometimes.
  • I had at least two encounters with shop assistants who insisted that leather can’t be waterproofed, even less with anything else than nano spray. Gore-tex all the way and so on. Le sigh. After a conversation with my mum I felt better, as she told me about how fishermen in former times used well oiled leather boots when standing in the water (as you may know, rubber boots haven’t been around for that many centuries in Europe). The artificial waterproofing sprays sold as THE waterproofing miracle don’t work well enough to justify the health risk they pose. So good old grease for me, please. Sadly they don’t sell it in most shoe shops anymore.
  • Shoe shop assistants can’t believe that I think a shoe with both laces and a zipper are kind of annoying and that I don’t want such a thing (they insist that is oh so practical to have a zipper – sure, but why the laces then? For Decoration? Oh come on, then sew them in place at least.)
  • Recently I went on with my quest boot quest (I’m still looking for high leather boots with a good grip sole and buckles instead of a zipper or laces) and had some time to idle away. Needless to say there was no such thing like a peaceful hour in the shoe shop I went to – because the shop assistant did not get the meaning of “I’m fine, thanks, just looking around, no need for help, thanks again.” She came back four or five times in about half an hour! Tried to convince me to buy something different and yada yada yada. Oh, come one, gal. Just leave me alone, will ya? I’m not very good with social rules, so I wasn’t sure if it would be okay to tell her that and remained polite and vague about the dislike for her hovering. Finally I escaped to the lower floor.
  • Today I finally carved in and settled for half-boots with a zipper. As they weren’t in a box (winter sale, hehe) I opted for carrying them home as they were. So I said  “I don’t need a plastic bag, thank you very much”, but one of the ladies at the check-out counter replied that she was going to wrap them in paper for me then. What? No, I don’t wanted the paper either. I live less then a walking distance of 15 minutes away, mind you. She looked very disoriented and tried to solve the puzzle. Very slowly she managed to say something like “Hm, okay … then … I just hand them to you now?” Yes please. At least her confusion kept her from trying to talk me into buying waterproofing agent :P

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