songs and stories: Roxette

Ever since I started to listen to older music, watching science fiction, and reading tons of books, there has been a bunch of connections in my mind between certain songs, characters, and stories.

I decided to list some of the associations. Today I’ll let you take a peek into my head while I listen to Roxette:

Wish I could fly (Roxette): Animorphs books. The waking up from nightmares described in the song fits the struggles of the young folks and their fights to save the world. Plus it reminds me especially of the early Tobias and Rachel relationship (the model and the bird boy).

Joyride (Roxette): I don’t really know what it reminds me of, it’s more a concept than a certain person or storyline … maybe the glimpses of hope, joy, and love in the middle of the chaos. I’m a little into dystopia, in case you didn’t know. Or take TV series which have a serious undertone, but every now and then there are quirky episodes with running gags, weird conversations, or self-mockery. If you have watched The X-Files episodes like Humbug, War of the Coprophages, Jose Chung’s From outer Space, Unusual Suspects, or Detour, you know what I’m talking about. Not to mention the countless lines of fluffy banter in many episodes of Stargate: SG1 (“Space monkey!”).

Listen to Your Heart (Roxette): My leaving after gap year. One year in a small village surrounded by hills and new friends. Life is a story as well. Saying good-byes is a repeated element in this story.

Stars (Roxette): Stargate: SG1. Sam and Jack. And episodes like Grace. Heroes who keep getting separated and still either fight their way back to each other or wait for a long time. Aww. And I love this song, it’s pretty unique (and just pretty as well – though the video is a tad weird) and creates a nice atmosphere. I’m not yet sure if it fit’s the webcomic Salty Rain, but it might. There has to be a song for it! In addition this song is part of the soundtrack of my life story as well, my love for the stars, moving to a big city, so many dreams.

The Look (Roxette): First person associated: Sam Cater (Stargate). Wrong eye colour, I know. To me the song is about how a woman can be strong and confident while still being very human, be found as beautiful both inside and outside, and loving life, so it’s positive.

Roxette songs in general: Stargate: SG1 (early seasons).  Come on, it’s the late nineties. (I haven’t listened to the newer albums yet, but I ordered some of them today.)

A song I don’t really know where to place yet is Queen of Rain. It’s sad, but oh so beautiful. The video reminds me of many things, but I can’t name most of them. There’s the character Rika (Ruki) from Digimon Tamers (e.g. the scenes with the shadowy figure turning; and placing bets), the car scenes and hallways reminiscent of TXF, but I can’t place elements like  the billowing curtains/sheets. There’s something in the back of my mind. The Mists of Avalon? Maybe it just reminds me of one or two ending songs by Celtic Woman. There must be some book or movie I know involving lots of doors though. And somewhere in my mind the opening of the TV show Roswell is flashing pictures  as well.

Update: I think I found at least one of the missing associations – the Wired novels (and especially Exile) by phoenix-cry on deviantART (Stargate: SG1 fanfiction, but these are five complete novels with a lot of marvellous ideas and images); the setting of Exile is close to the imagery in the music video, at least in my mind.


What do you think?

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