American Heritage – Popcorn!

Some quite a few days ago I wrote this post about a parcel I received. Today I’m going to reveal all the popcorny goodness I found inside :) (Sorry for the delay, by the way – I had a nasty cold so things tasted funny for a while.)

The reason for the parcel is that the American Heritage shops belong to the family of a friend, and she asked me to try the popcorn they sell (because I like popping fresh popcorn in a big cooking pot and putting in lots of salt or spices) and say how I like it. So this is me adversing their popcorn and of course the opening of their newest shop on 1st March 2014. The address is Levantehaus, Mönckebergstr. 7, 20095 Hamburg, Germany.

Anyway, back to the tasty subject of popcorn. Non-GMO. The brand’s name is “Fireworks Popcorn”.

Wow, I never knew there were so many different and colourful kinds of corn! Sure, I knew there were different kinds of white (African) and yellow (European) corn, but shades of blue and red are new to me. They look nice. The labels on the sample bags look nice, too. Each variety of popcorn comes with a label including a melodic name – referring to colour and taste – and a matching picture.

In the parcel I found:

Autumn Blaze: rather small grains; a mix of colours ranging from yellowish white to red and purple/blue

Baby White Rice: rather small, oblong grains without husk; white

High Mountain Midnight: blue with white tips

Orchard Blossom: pinkish with white tips

Red River Valley: big grains in a dark and intense shade of red


I haven’t tried all of them yet, but today I got around to try two of them. As I don’t own a popcorn maker I just used a small cooking pot.

First was High Mountain Midnight, which popped fast and without pain. The result was big, fluffy yet somewhat crunchy and very white (partly even blueish) popcorn. According to the information card I found in the parcel as well, it was supposed to have a wild and strong flavour. I wouldn’t really call it wild, rather robust, reminding me of feta cheese, only without tasting like feta, do you know what I mean?  Whatever, his definitely isn’t your ordinary popcorn. It reminded me a little of rice as well – don’t ask me why. I found it to be tasty with both plain salt and onion-salt, as well as with barbecue spices. I think it would be amazing with cheese, but I don’t have any cheese at home right now. Oh, and it made me think of peanut butter. No clue if this would work, but it would be worth a try! I also tried it with sugar, maple syrup, and chocolate spread. The first two were okay-ish, while the last one just didn’t match. Other condiments I’d like to try with this variety are chilli sauce, garlic, or bacon. Maybe even marshmallows. The big size makes it easy to grab the individual popcorn…thingies (what are they called anyway?) and snack away on them.

The second variety I tried was Autumn Blaze. I had some trouble popping it – the small kernels tend to get burnt way faster than the big ones I had in the pot before. After popping it the thingies where rather small; and somehow many hadn’t opened at all. Maybe I used to much oil and drowned them? I guess in a good popcorn maker or with a little more practice they would pop without trouble. Just like described on the card they are a tad sweet and pretty crunchy. After popping they faintly smelled like roses or something similar. Aromatic autumn leaves maybe?I tried the same things as before. Spicy tastes did work, sugar was okay but not perfect. Maple syrup was good, but made it even more difficult to get a hold of these little buggers! Chocolate Spread was quite a nice match – I bet it would be worth a try to cover them in real chocolate to make crunchies. A sweet chilli sauce might be a nice match as well. And I’ll try to pop some with less oil next time!

Here’s a picture for comparison:

P1280391Left: High Mountain Midnight; right: Autumn Blaze (the red powder is barbecue spice)

Not included in the parcel was a sample of Black Hills, which – according to the card – is supposed to have black kernels and have buttery flavour . Another reason to attend the opening of the shop, I was told there will be lots of popcorn on that day!

See you on 1st March 2014!

— I’m not getting paid for this, at least not in money. Just said popcorn samples. —


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