I think I hate-love Graphviz

For a term paper I’m trying to create a network graph with the programme “Graphviz”. It has some really cool features like dotted edges and different node shapes, but the edges are crossing each other like crazy and I can’t move the nodes/edges by hand. So I’ve been trying to solve that puzzle for more than four hours now. Very frustrating. This paper and another one are both due in two weeks. Maybe I should go back to the programme I used before and ignore the fact that I need partitions and all, because I still have to go through the remaining 7/8 of a  Swahili novel and discuss the locomotion verbs for paper #2. I like the novel and it’s fun working with it, but there are some really weird verbs and I have no clue how to classify them yet.

I want it to look fancy like this … but it doesn’t. (http://www.graphviz.org/Gallery/undirected/fdpclust.png)

Maybe I should study theology or something like that … linguistics can be really weird and confusing sometimes. Speaking of theology – I’ve signed up for an Old Hebrew class at university for next semester, just because I can do so. (And because I’d like to learn some of the classic languages, of course. I’ll try my luck with studying some basics of Latin on my own as well, right now I’m only able to read simple sentences, especially if they are related to religious concepts.)


What do you think?

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