graphs, 2048, and a Lorde song

Today I decided to skip choir practice so I could continue writing my term paper in the evening. Somehow I can’t really concentrate in the morning (if I wake up early enough at all – today I slept until 10:30 am because I went to bed at 1 am after struggling with writing codes for graphs and describing them) so when I have to catch up with things my rhythm shifts because my productive phase is from about 3 pm to 7p m and then again a little later, around 9 pm to 3 am.

So here I am at the desk at 22:55 pm. Until a few minutes ago I was all alone at home because Darling was at a friend’s home. I think I have a good grip of what I have to do for the paper, finally. But apart from the network graphs being messy (see last post), but still I managed to mess things up again today. I wanted to insert a picture (a pretty big graph, at least 1/2 page) into the appendix pages – but when I scrolled back up I noticed it was on every single page. Very confusing. Until I noticed I had replaced the page number field with the graph. I didn’t even know it was possible to put a large image file into that field, but obviously it is.

As I can’t work for more than one to maximum two hours straight on graph code and writing about relation edges without a drastic loss of concentration I took some breaks and played 2048 (, a small number based game with mild addictive properties. After having listened to one of my favourite Albums twice while working I switched to radio. When a song I knew came on, I decided to find out what it is called because I really like it. It turned out to be “Royals” by Lorde, which criticises how media (I guess especially music videos) portray a lifestyle of luxury to which ordinary young people can’t relate. Normally I don’t like modern pop songs, but this one is different in a positive way.


What do you think?

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