Favourite Friday: Films

With real actors: Sahara (The 2005 one about finding a ship in the desert. I have no clue how popular this one is or was, but I like it.) Book of Eli, Dinotopia (Yeah, the dinosaurs are animated, but the actors are real people. Does a mini-series with three parts even count as a film? I think it does.)

Animation: I haven’t watched a lot of Disney stuff, but I like some of the newer films –  Brave, Tangled, and AtlantisI guess I’ll like Frozen as well (still haven’t watched it. Bad Starfish.)

Then there are a lot of films I liked, but which don’t have the “need to watch that again” factor. For example, a few weeks ago we watched Eva, which had some really cool effects, but the story was somewhat predictable. I might watch it again some time in the future, but it might be quite a while. I don’t feel like watching the Lord of the Rings films that often, but they are nice when watching them with other people once in a while. Same for fluffy stuff like Kung Fu Panda. I enjoyed the first two The Hunger Games films, but watching them again very soon? I don’t know. I’m looking forward for the film version of the third book, though! 

Bonus: Most hated movies. I won’t name all, but I’ll give two examples. First there is Minority Report. The movie itself was okay-ish, but my memories of the scene with this girl (Agatha?) jumping out of the water and screaming “murder” still scared the shit out of me for some years after watching it it school. Then, Prometheus. I only watched it because of the title (I have a weakness for science fiction referencing old mythology), and it was completely disgusting and terrible and just … horrible. And please, don’t ever make me watch cheesy romantic comedies, most are horrible as well – the only one I ever cared to watch twice was I.Q. (about Einstein and his colleagues playing match makers), and it wasn’t half as good the second time.

So if you want to grab a film to watch it with me –  feed me dystopia, beautiful pictures of breathtaking landscapes with other cultures, space (really have to watch Contact again) or even the paranormal, fantasy, treasure hunts (Indiana Jones stuff is okay, so are films like National Treasure or even Tomb Raider) or something combining all this.


What do you think?

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