Favourite Friday: what I like about my body

This is something I’ve wanted to write about for quite a while now, but when I watched the TED talk I posted above, I decided this would be a good time to do so. There is so much pressure on us about meeting beauty standards and yada yada yada. I believe you know what I’m talking about.

So instead of pointing out my flaws, I want to share what I like about my less-than-perfect body. Nobody has a perfect body without physical or digital surgery.

Let’s start down to earth. I like my feet for carrying me. They are less than perfect, but they are strong. I play Capoeira, which is a sport practised barefoot most of the time. So my feet are not exactly smooth as baby skin, but they serve me very well.

I like the strengths in my tights, gained from horseback riding for some years during my childhood and early teenage years, and maintained by lots of walking.

I enjoy the flexibility of my body – and the fact that there is room for improvement. I have quite a bit of natural flexibility, but it took me about one year to be able to turn over from standing on all fours into a backbend without falling over, and it felt amazing when it worked.

I came to terms with the fact that I’m more on the flat-chested side. You know what? Now that I’m no longer in school were I had to fit in and all, my shape gives me more freedom than having a D-cup would do. I can forgo uncomfortable wired underwear and replace it by a snug tank-top layered with a t-shirt and be good to go. I can do push-ups and other weird not very ladylike movements without squeezing my chest to death. I don’t have to worry about jiggling.

I like my freckles. I don’t care about people who imply they are something to get rid off. Without my freckles, I’d  be pale and boring. They make me look young and healthy, I think. And they give me a reason not to cover my face in thick layers of make-up, because without my freckles I also look weird and flat.

I’m happy my hair is long now. A long braid is very comfortable and easy to maintain, and it looks nice with about all outfits. I like my braid.

While I don’t love my eye-colour too much, I’m okay with it and sometimes I also like it. My eyes are of a greyish blue, somewhat looking like rain clouds.


What do you like about your body?



What do you think?

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