Star Trek TNG: Life Forms Song

Next addition to my collection of videos with characters from science fiction shows singing: Data, the android from Star Trek: The Next Generation, improvising a song about life forms because “I just love scanning for life forms …”

Excuse me now while I sit on the floor to finish laughing.


Stargate: Row, Row Your Boat

Somehow this is turning into a mini-series, “science fiction characters singing” (although the first video is not an original scene from a Star Trek show, sadly, now that would have been a fantastic contribution to TNG).

Stargate:SG1 was a great show, at least Season 1-7. After that I stopped watching each time because they changed too many things to keep up the original atmosphere. So here the main characters are, singing.

Next time I’ll post something from The X-Files ;)

There also is another Star Trek: Voyager clip including singing, but I dread posting it (it features the holographic Doctor singing opera while imagining being a hero … vicarious embarrassment galore *cringe*)