replacing more clothes …

I don’t go shopping for clothes that often anymore, but sometimes it can’t be helped, because at the moment a lot of my clothes are falling apart. At the moment I earn some extra money, so it’s not the worst time for this to happen, but still I don’t like spending too much on clothes.

Yesterday I somehow managed to destroy my last pair of sneakers suitable for spring/summer, so I was stuck with a very limited assortment of winter shoes (that is, shoes one or two sizes too big, because I wear them with several layers of socks), heeled sandals, and ballet flats until I had free time between my two classes and hopped on the train to get new sneakers. Wonder of wonders, it took me only fifteen minutes or so in the shop to find another pair of nice blue shoes on sale in the men’s department. (I have to admit, I own one more pair of sneakers, but they are made from some black, velvety fabric and serve as dress-y shoes when I have to walk around a lot while looking smart, so I’d rather keep them from the wear and tear of everyday life,)

After university I went to the second hand shop in our district because a few days ago one more pair of jeans in my closet was found useless – the zipper broke; and as the fabric itself was beginning to tear as well it would be a waste of time and money to find someone to fix it. As I was looking for some other items as well I decided to take as much time as needed and look around. After a long time I found that there was exactly one pair of black jeans both looking and fitting alright. I found a mid-length grey skirt to replace my grey shorts one day – that lovely pair of shorts is slowly falling apart in the literal sense, but I won’t let go of it for a while; and I could not find a similar pair of shorts, hence the skirt. In addition I found a blue, subtly chequered tunic blouse which was the closest thing to a comfortable nice tunic I could find and which I wanted because many of my tops are too short after years of washing and outgrowing – and I bought a gorgeous red batik dress. The last one was an unplanned purchase, but upon stumbling across that beauty I figured I could justify buying one more dress. Not that I wear dresses a lot –  recently I’ve been back to wearing old jeans, t-shirts, and a hoodie, but warmer weather might change that again.

Time spent shopping: less than two hours

Money spent: €20 for shoes, €26 for other items, makes €46 for five items all in all, which is pretty cool.

In addition I’ve begun to work on sewing a long tiered skirt myself! I got the fabric for very little money from the shop mentioned above some time ago (it was a set of duvet and pillow cover, plus a random piece of fabric) and so far I’ve cut ripped it into pieces of the right size and sloppily hemmed them. Next weekend I’ll try to prepare the gatherings between the different tiers, and after that it shouldn’t take too long to put it all together (although the task of sewing the elastic in is scaring me).

Star Trek TNG: Life Forms Song

Next addition to my collection of videos with characters from science fiction shows singing: Data, the android from Star Trek: The Next Generation, improvising a song about life forms because “I just love scanning for life forms …”

Excuse me now while I sit on the floor to finish laughing.