Reasons why city people are weird: part 1

City people are weird. For example they sell ordinary items found in nature for a lot of money for decoration. Dried pine cones, sticks, bark, all these things. The newest trend seems to be decorating with moss. Ordinary green moss, which I agree can look cool. But someone decided to sell moss for 2,50 € per small box at florists’. Moss. They labelled it with something like “real forest moss” to make it sound awesome and special, but it looks sort of dead and sad, and in some boxes more yellow than green.

When I was a kid my parents would pay us some extra pocket money for raking moss from the gaps in the pavement of our driveway because there was so much of it (small rainy town). Right now there is a lot of moss on the roof in front of our windows for free (big rainy city). And the city people around me spend money on moss in boxes.


What do you think?

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