Reasons why city people are weird: Part 2

I don’t know why, but many city people are crazy, rude, and throw stuff out of their windows. Often this stuff is food or food-related. So far I have witnessed for example

– soggy buns (in one of my former apartments I had a neighbour with this weird habit of throwing buns on the lawn all the time)

– sandwiches with only one bite taken from them

– at least one beverage can

– about a dozen coconuts (Sadly – or luckily – I was not there to see their flight in person, but I think Darling did. Still, WTF is going on with these guys? Coconuts are not exactly cheap here – and we live in a street with a lot of non-rich families)

Non-food stuff from above: mostly cigarette butts. Some people throw their still smouldering cancer sticks from the third storey without even watching out for pedestrians walking by. At least once I had a pretty close encounter with one of these disgusting things.

Excuse me?!

I never experienced this level of inconsiderate weirdness in the smaller places I used to call home. Must be a city thing. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of folks in this city whom I love dearly.


Apart from that I love to hate CSM (Cigarette Smoking Man, aka Cancer Man, from the show The X-Files); and I am thoroughly disgusted by real people who blow cigarette smoke into the faces of their own children. Don’t ever date a CSM. He is a rude city guy. Bah. And now get these stinky clouds away from your kid’s face before I call youth welfare service.

(Sadly I don’t know who created this. Picture found on


5 thoughts on “Reasons why city people are weird: Part 2

  1. I don’t know why people litter, especially today when islands of refuse float in our oceans – reminders of the downside of humanity. At least it’s comforting to know their are people like you who still care. Beautiful images in your blog – thank you for sharing.

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