look up

This video has gone viral during the last few hours – not without reason.

When was the last time you spent a whole day offline?

When did you go for a walk with someone and left your cell phone at home?

I have to admit I’m guilty of spending too much time in front of my computer, but still I love reading a good book and then talking to someone about it. On the train I don’t listen to music all the time but read my book or watch the scenery, sometimes I even talk to strangers (some old people are really happy to meet someone willing to listen to family or war stories for a few minutes …). After church and after youth group I walk/bike with a friend – or even a whole a group of friends – sometimes and we have all kinds of conversations about funny moments, theological issues, or plain old private troubles. Sometimes we stop and stand at a corner to finish talking before saying goodbye. I really enjoy these moments! Just this evening I went for a walk with Darling, and I didn’t take my phone with me. (When I go out alone I take it with me most of the time. though, in case I fall off my bike, get lost, feel dizzy, or encounter some other kinds of trouble)

It’s okay to be online, it’s okay to watch movies or read tons of books – as long as we find a healthy balance between solitary activities and interacting with other persons. How about watching a nice (or challenging) movie together and then talking about it instead of putting in the next disc immediately? Interacting doesn’t even have to be talking all the time – simple things like skipping stones together can be fun and/or relaxing while bonding, and small actions like holding a door open for a stranger while smiling at them don’t cost more than a few short moments of your lifetime. Everybody has to find their own balance, of course – for example, I know a lot of people who have a higher need for socializing then I do, and who need less time to think alone.

I feel lonely after being online for a long time – afterwards I need to talk to a person in the flesh, or go for a walk or at least do something physical like potting plants. Just yesterday I noticed I’d rather go without watching any episodes of my favourite series than without going for walks, doing a bit of sports, and interacting with people – the heartfelt hug of a friend or a pat on the shoulder after doing well with something are worth a hundred smiles and will be part of cherished memories one day, along with all the weird moments from conversations at university.

Stop the mobile zombiecalypse! If this http://weneverlookup.tumblr.com/ is not the social environment you want to spend the rest of your life in, then be the change and learn to look up again!






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