white pants …

Today I bought my first abadá (the white pants in the photo below)! So my capoeira outfit is upgraded from all black to a mix of traditional white bottoms and a random black top – an old shirt I bought during my gap year, sporting a cute green tortoise which by now has lost all its glittery glitter stuff. For the batizado and the workshop I’ll get a special new shirt (included in the fee for the batizado, yeah), most likely it will be white, but it could be any colour really.


Bring on the turtles tortoises!


I guess I’m officially crazy now, spending lots of money on a pair of semi-transparent white polyamide pants that will most likely give me a rash … at least they are really comfortable (apart from feeling like, well, like plastic) and stretchy! But I’ll keep wearing my fluffy black cotton sweatpants to Monday and Friday classes most of the time, I think, and save the white for official rodas and Saturday class (held by the capoeira school from which I got the abadá). I like good old cotton. Maybe after some summer heat I’ll change my mind about lightweight artificial fibres, but only maybe.


What do you think?

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