Golden Eye … the best cover version ever

Do you know the German a cappella group Wise Guys?

Even if you don’t speak any (or very little) German, they are awesome. Mostly they sing in German, but sometimes they do covers of English songs as well. This video is pretty old, two of the original members have left the group and therefore been replaced since then, but it is one of their performances which never fail to crack me up. They have a lot of more serious and meaningful songs as well, but today I feel like posting cheerful stuff.

So here’s another hilarious video, this time one of their original songs a cover (thanks to sariandra for the correction!) in German. It’s about the idea that some things the old philosophers have said or done can only be explained by assuming they were drunk or stoned (and lacking women in their lives). Cheers.

I just can’t stay depressed when seeing how they crack themselves up when one of them keeps messing up the lyrics.

For those who are curious about the title: it’s a blend of the words Philosophen “philosophers” and besoffen, colloquial for “drunk”. That’s it for today’s linguistics lesson ;)


3 thoughts on “Golden Eye … the best cover version ever

  1. Very cool
    But “Die Philosoffen” is a cover, too.
    A really original song (and in english) is maybe their song “Chocolate Chip Cookies” Its in two versions
    German with performance

    and English

    And her beautyful Cover from Mad World:

    Lot of Fun ;)

    • Thanks for the correction, I didn’t know that, ooops! Though Tom van Hasselt sings it with somewhat different lyrics in the first verses, but he wrote the song, that’s right. And yes, Mad World is awesome – it gives me goosebumps because it is sung so beautifully but also at the same time the lyrics are also eerily true and sad.

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