quick meal: scrambled eggs with garlic

Instead of posting pictures of the food I’m eating right now I’ll tell you how to make it so you can taste it. It’s just a really quick recipe I put together this evening as I’m trying to eat less sugar and more coconut oil.

You need:

  • eggs (I used three)
  • coconut oil (as much as you like – I didn’t measure, but I guess I used at least three tablespoons because it’s healthy and also because I use it instead of milk; people here like putting milk in their scrambled eggs, yuck)
  • garlic (1 clove or more)
  • salt (just a little)

Cut garlic into small pieces or slices. Heat coconut oil in pan, then crack the eggs and put them in. Stir with a wooden spatula or whatever you have at hand to mix it well – you could probably mix oil and eggs beforehand and pour them into the hot pan together, but I’m doing it the lazy way with less utensils to wash. After a moment add garlic and salt, stir again, then decide whether you want the result to look more scrambled or more like an omelette. Depending on that just proceed as you’d normally do. Enjoy!


contact form

Hi folks, I just wanted to let you know I added a contact form to both this blog and my photo blog. So if you feel like talking to me, just say hi. Don’t spam, be friendly, send me some chocolate cookies.

Any topics you’d like me to cover? Ideas for pictures? Great! Just shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to include these.

portfolio and postcards

After getting back on track with photography – like yesterday’s venture into the world of RAW and practising shooting in manual mode today – I decided to start building a portfolio. For the time being I just put an extra page on my photo-blog and filled it with some of my favourites, but I hope there will be a nicer way of presenting better pictures in the future. Still so much to learn. And I still hope to find someone who’d be willing to model for practising portrait photography soon.

Which other pictures from the photo-blog would you like to see in the portfolio? Which ones should I replace? I’d be happy to hear your suggestions!

Another thing I’ve been thinking about for a long time now is putting some of my nicer pictures on postcards. There are some online services where you can choose the size and quality, upload a picture, and add some writing. It’s quite expensive if you want just a few cards (like 10 or 20), but it gets cheaper per card if you order a bigger batch like 50 cards. Do you think people would appreciate getting birthday cards with photos the sender took, or would it be weird?

RAW photography: first try

After years of taking pictures with a simple point-and-shoot camera and since last year also sometimes fooling around with a DSLR I decided to take it to the next level … RAW. I don’t like the idea of manipulating pictures too much, but I have to admit that plain JPG pictures straight out of the camera differ a lot from the human view of the world – our eyes adapt while we look around, while a picture is kind of static, so either the sky is of a very deep and brilliant blue, or the green of the trees pops out, but hardly ever both at the same time.

Beware of weird pictures … I din’t use the most creative motives for my two first tries. On the left side are the JPG files which came along with the RAW files, on the right side are the pictures I got out of the RAWs after some playing with the controls.

Done in Rawstudio, because I grew frustrated with UFRAW after a few minutes. I’ll have to do some research on better editing programmes for linux; or maybe UFRAW will work better as a plug-in for GIMP than the standalone version I tried does?

While I still don’t plan to do a lot of editing on the pictures I post, I think the edited pictures just have more depth and the colours look less boring. Whenever I’ll get around to do some portrait shooting it might be useful.

Do you want me to edit more of the pictures I post on my photoblog or do you like my plain photography better?

Falling asleep to the sound of the berimbau

One thing I enjoy about going to Capoeira class is the berimbau music, which is rhythmic and somewhat monotonic. After some months of weekly training to the same CD with music running over and over again, my body started to react to the music itself by beginning to move. Even now, as I sit at home with my laptop and decided to listen to some toques on YouTube, my head and shoulders started swinging from one side to the other, mimicking their movement during the ginga.

I like the feeling of being carried by the rhythm. It’s also helpful for learning new combinations of movements, because if your body does the ginga, the basic movement, on it’s own accord, your head is free for the complicated parts. And after practising the same combination over and over for a while it becomes part of the rhythm and you just do it without thinking about what to do next – at least on a good day.

When I go home, still the sound of the berimbau echoes in my head. It’s kind of comforting, and makes me look forward to the next time I can go to class. I love falling asleep to the sound of the berimbau in my head.


feeling overwhelmed by stuff

I guess the song “I see fire” and reading the first volume of the Lord of the Rings trilogy triggered my longing for open spaces again. For some time now I’ve known I get overwhelmed and distracted by stuff very easily, but I tend to ignore and then forget this fact. Tonight I’m sitting at my desk, unable to concentrate on my writing, even though my self-set deadline for handing in this paper is in two weeks.

Not feeling ready for a big purge yet I try to get some things out of my way little by little, and what is not in use right now but is likely be used again in the future – e.g. curtain rods – will be put away out of sight for the moment. Not the most minimalist thing, but hey, I guess even wandering folks like Aragon have some things stowed away, leaving them in the houses of friends they visit from time to time. (Sorry, I watched a talk on YouTube earlier today and the speaking scientist quoted the line “all that is gold does not glitter”). I’m also going to put all my childhood memorabilia into one place, saving them in case I’ll have someone to inherit them to one day. The bed drawer blocked by my night stand should do fine.

Things I’ll try to sell or swap:

  • cheap Window Color knock-off
  • small mosaic tiles (I tried to get rid of them before, but it didn’t work)
  • old computer loudspeakers and scanner
  • purple plastic toy pony

Things added to the give away box:

  • two cheap plastic toy ponies, bright pink and in bad shape (fakies I got with a bunch of My Little Pony figures and used for experimenting with acrylics on plastic)

I also brought some stuff home from yestarday’s swapping party: biking gloves, some four tops (mostly for experimenting with style, I might alter or re-swap them after a while), and two items for my birthday party decoration in autumn. Sadly none of the items I had brought to the party found a new home … maybe next time? Otherwise they’ll end up in the next donation bag.




I want to breathe this

I want to live and breathe the way mind and body are trained to be in constant movement without losing balance. There is not a lot of balance in my life right now, and my reflexes are mere instincts, not the sharp, honed tool they could be.


Entro na roda sem medo

(‘Enter the circle without fear’ – Capoeira is always played by two persons inside a circle of other people.)