Second-hand or not?

I just wanted to share a list of which items for my wardrobe I buy second-hand and what not at the moment (= last 2 years to present).

Second-hand (or “B” stock, as our local shop sells both together and sometimes it’s hard to see which is which):

– jeans

– blouses

– tank tops

– spaghetti-strap tops

– shorts

– skirts, and I’m sewing one from second-hand fabric


Sometimes second-hand, sometimes not:

– t-shirts: at the moment I only wear some favourite tees of mine, and I rarely buy any – and when I do it’s merchandise from hacker meetings, or this year’s capoeira workshop,  and similar stuff, so mostly new but only one or two shirts per year, if at all. When I need anthing apart from that, I buy it second-hand.

– dresses: I bought three new dresses last year: a souvenir from my trip to Zanzibar, my wedding dress, and the blue summer dress I wore to our civil ceremony (I would have bought it second-hand, but I couldn’t find anything I really liked at that time), but this year I bought a dress from the second-hand shop so far.

– shoes: I bought one pair of sandals second-hand, but mostly I buy new shoes because it’s really hard to find something nice in my size and style. I’ve been waiting for nearly a year now for a cool pair of leather boots in my size to appear in the second-hand shop, but still no luck – maybe in early autumn this year?

– long-sleeved shirts: hard to find the right thing in ANY shop around here; they are all either too tight, too short, or too transparent. Ugh, what happened to the nice stuff? I bought one second-hand last month, though, but haven’t worn it yet.

– sportswear: I bought a pair of black sweat pants second-hand and a pair of brand new white capoeira pants


Not second-hand (yet):

– socks

– tights: I wouldn’t mind buying them second-hand, but it seems they always break on people before making it to a second owner – never seen one in the shop

– underwear, apart from spaghetti-strap tops worn as under-shirts

– scarves: I bought three (oops – and I only really like one of them) new scarves on Zanzibar last year and I own more than enough of them right now so I don’t buy any these days; but when I’ll need a new one I’ll try to buy second-hand, they always have some cool ones in the shop!

– winter coat – I need a new one, though, and maybe I’ll have more luck this year than last time I needed to buy one.

– gloves

– hat/beanie


undecided – aka stuff I’ve never bought so far

– blazer: I’d try second-hand first, but given the old-fashioned stuff I see in the shop I guess it’d be hard to find a really nice blazer

– suit pants: probably new. Or I’d just go with black jeans from the shop.

– maternity clothing: never needed any, not going to need any anytime soon, but if I did I’d go for second-hand if possible. Plus I got plenty of friends who are having their babies at the moment, so there’ll be lots of that stuff around in my circle of friends in the future. Not so sure about nursing bras, though. Do they even make any without underwire? Problems I don’t have to think about right now. Phew.

– leggins: I never bought leggins myself, as I only wore handed down ones as a kid. So far I’ve never needed any again nor have I seen any in the shop, but I’m hoping these space-themed leggins which are all the rage right now will turn up in a while, because, you know, space nebula and stuff . D’awww.


Random fact: Two weeks from now one of my friends is hosting a swapping party! Wohoo!  We’ll just bring some old clothes and decoration articles and see if they’ll find new homes while having some snacks.


What do you think?

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