RAW photography: first try

After years of taking pictures with a simple point-and-shoot camera and since last year also sometimes fooling around with a DSLR I decided to take it to the next level … RAW. I don’t like the idea of manipulating pictures too much, but I have to admit that plain JPG pictures straight out of the camera differ a lot from the human view of the world – our eyes adapt while we look around, while a picture is kind of static, so either the sky is of a very deep and brilliant blue, or the green of the trees pops out, but hardly ever both at the same time.

Beware of weird pictures … I din’t use the most creative motives for my two first tries. On the left side are the JPG files which came along with the RAW files, on the right side are the pictures I got out of the RAWs after some playing with the controls.

Done in Rawstudio, because I grew frustrated with UFRAW after a few minutes. I’ll have to do some research on better editing programmes for linux; or maybe UFRAW will work better as a plug-in for GIMP than the standalone version I tried does?

While I still don’t plan to do a lot of editing on the pictures I post, I think the edited pictures just have more depth and the colours look less boring. Whenever I’ll get around to do some portrait shooting it might be useful.

Do you want me to edit more of the pictures I post on my photoblog or do you like my plain photography better?


What do you think?

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