portfolio and postcards

After getting back on track with photography – like yesterday’s venture into the world of RAW and practising shooting in manual mode today – I decided to start building a portfolio. For the time being I just put an extra page on my photo-blog and filled it with some of my favourites, but I hope there will be a nicer way of presenting better pictures in the future. Still so much to learn. And I still hope to find someone who’d be willing to model for practising portrait photography soon.

Which other pictures from the photo-blog would you like to see in the portfolio? Which ones should I replace? I’d be happy to hear your suggestions!

Another thing I’ve been thinking about for a long time now is putting some of my nicer pictures on postcards. There are some online services where you can choose the size and quality, upload a picture, and add some writing. It’s quite expensive if you want just a few cards (like 10 or 20), but it gets cheaper per card if you order a bigger batch like 50 cards. Do you think people would appreciate getting birthday cards with photos the sender took, or would it be weird?


What do you think?

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