quick meal: scrambled eggs with garlic

Instead of posting pictures of the food I’m eating right now I’ll tell you how to make it so you can taste it. It’s just a really quick recipe I put together this evening as I’m trying to eat less sugar and more coconut oil.

You need:

  • eggs (I used three)
  • coconut oil (as much as you like – I didn’t measure, but I guess I used at least three tablespoons because it’s healthy and also because I use it instead of milk; people here like putting milk in their scrambled eggs, yuck)
  • garlic (1 clove or more)
  • salt (just a little)

Cut garlic into small pieces or slices. Heat coconut oil in pan, then crack the eggs and put them in. Stir with a wooden spatula or whatever you have at hand to mix it well – you could probably mix oil and eggs beforehand and pour them into the hot pan together, but I’m doing it the lazy way with less utensils to wash. After a moment add garlic and salt, stir again, then decide whether you want the result to look more scrambled or more like an omelette. Depending on that just proceed as you’d normally do. Enjoy!


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