Why is there gunpowder in my tea?


I have no real explanation for this. Somehow people like to give us exotically flavoured  tea/herbal infusion mixes for birthdays and other occasions (we don’t even drink a lot of tea …) and yesterday when I decided to organise our tea I came across this. Gunpowder in my tea? Well, maybe I do have an explanation, which would be “lost in translation”. As some of you may be able to recognise this was bought in a German store, but the label is a little sloppily formatted (some punctuation errors even I can point out, and I’m not exactly the queen of punctuation). My best guess apart from a plain old translation error would be that “Gunpowder” is meant to be a provided translation/explanation for the preceding ingredient “China-Ming-Mee”. So some tea shop owner or a factory packer either used an online translator or missed his punctuation class. And no, Gunpowder is no German word. So the translation thing is very shady business. Should I drink this?


What do you think?

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