I will see Ireland again!

Yesterday we finally booked our flight to Dublin! I’ve been waiting for years to see Ireland again. We’ll just stay for three nights in October and therefore won’t be able to travel to the countryside as much as I’d like to, but standing on the Ha’penny Bridge over the River Liffey again and taking a stroll in the old streets of Temple Bar (and maybe even pay a visit to The Temple Bar Pub with its daily live music) will be lovely as well. In a few days we’re going to book a small room in one of the simple hotels within walking distance* of Temple Bar and Trinity College (hello, Book of Kells!) and make more plans later. Maybe I’ll even buy a new harp-shaped phone charm (or a similar tiny shiny souvenir), as my old one has been broken for some years now.


It looks like metal (and the “Ireland'” plaque is), but I believe at least part of the harp itself is plastic, so soldering on a new loop is no option.

The first and only time I’ve been there so far I was still in school and struggling with understanding spoken English. This time I’ll be able to understand so much more of what’s going on around me and interacting with other people will be way easier, too!

Oh, and I still don’t like planes. But for Dublin at least I’ll try.

Off to the Emerald City Isles!



* Our definition of “walking distance” – not everybody on the internet seems to find a walk of 15-30 minutes or using public transportation instead acceptable. I just hope we’ll encounter a touch of Indian summer instead of plain old Irish rain … but last time I was there in September and came home with an evil sunburn, so I’m optimistic.


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