wishlist: books

Some books I’d like to own and either plan to buy for myself or have put on my birthday/Christmas wishlist already.

  • Seven Days That Divide The World” by John C. Lennox. I’ve already read one of his other books, “God’s Undertaker”, and was pretty impressed by the depth of his arguments. Not always the best exegesis but a lot of science.
  • Basic Linguistic Theory” by R.M.V. Dixon. I’m pursuing an academic career, enough said.
  • ESV Study Bible” (or something very similar) – I like their layout and the really well researched notes. More notes than original text on most pages? Check. So much better than all the odds and ends collecting dust in our small private theological library.
  • The Firefly Liberation” by Megan Madgwick (now M. Ramirez). Her collection of poems and short prose is not available as a book on demand anymore, but I won’t give up hope to find someone who knows someone willing to sell their used copy. If anyone out there is able to help me with that, you’d make me really happy.
  • Update: I’d like to add “Salt & Storm” by Kendall Kulper to my wishlist. YA literature. I’ve read a few sample pages by chance because they had a free booklet at the book store, and I really want to read the rest of the story. The book will appear in the last week of September. http://kendallkulper.com/salt-storm/

One book I finally ordered yesterday is a used copy of “Dead Poets Society”, as I think the book might see a rise in interest in the near future and I preferred to get myself a copy while still cheap. I had watched the movie many years ago at school, and when I read Thoreau’s “Walden” last year I recognised the famous lines that had been quoted in the movie, recognised them after all these years, so I planned to read the book someday. Oh captain, my captain.

What do you think?

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