places I want to go (part 1)

I’ve waited a long time to go and visit Ireland again – this travel dream will come true in October. But there are other parts of the world I’d love to see one day.

The last few weeks I found myself wishing to see the Himalaya. Especially I’d like to travel to Nepal and/or Tibet and see what life there really is like outside hotel lounges. The roof of the world. It would be beyond awesome to travel that region a little with my camera at hand! (And preferably a dictionary or two in addition to that.)

Different continent, but it comes with mountains as well: Peru. I know at least two or three persons who’ve spent several years there; and I enjoyed the stories, pictures, and music they had brought back. And seeing Machu Picchu is a childhood dream of mine. Because, you know, mystic ancient cities. When I was young I could spend the better part of my school holidays poring over books or magazines on ancient cultures, scripts, and unsolved mysteries.

Were would you like to go if you had the time and money?

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