big ouch, or: shin meets head

Today was the first time I got hit in the head since school and P.E. (I got my driver’s license a few days after taking a blow to my brow and while I was still supposed to stay at home because of my mild concussion. And I had to celebrate my 18th birthday with a black eye. Never played basketball against huge people again after that.)

We were still warming up for capoeira class – at least I believe it was part of warming up – and were told to do foreward rolls (after which I was feeling really dizzy already) and then backward rolls. After a few of the latter I was so dizzy I didn’t move for a moment, and the girl behind me didn’t see me and her shin crashed down on my face. Ouch. Despite the fact that I couldn’t practise a lot today because of the resulting pain, dizziness, and bouts of nausea whenever I tried turning around too fast I’m still very lucky – a little more to the side, and I’d be sitting in some emergency room with a broken nose right now. And as the force of the blow was evenly distributed on my upper jaw and my temple I neither lost a tooth (just a little blood from the gums) nor suffered a really bad concussion.

I should have quit the training session right there and then, but I kept trying to do a little bit of everything. Not a good idea, I have to admit now. Stupid me. Should have listened to my friend and not to the instructors. My head is hurting, the world still moves a little more than it should, and I’m a tiny bit nauseous. but after a good night’s sleep it should be okay.

So now I’m at home in bed with what I still (want to) believe is only a very mild concussion and hope I’ll be back on track in time for capoeira class on Monday.

So a bit of advise I can give now: Don’t ever take a blow to the head lightly. You might feel fine after a moment when the first pain is gone, but if you push yourself you might pay for it later. Yeah, and don’t play sports while feeling so dizzy you aren’t totally in control and not aware of what’s happening behind you.

I hate being weak, but sometimes pushing myself too hard just isn’t worth the consequences. At least I didn’t cry (I used to be such a crybaby).

Update: … nope, I wasn’t totally back on track on track on Monday, and not even on Wednesday. I kept trying, but I felt even more dizzy than usually; and on both days we practised a lot of spinning movements >.< I felt like being back in my first year, unable to get the kicks right without falling over …


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